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AgraGron Organic Fertilizers

We love soil!

And we understand soil and plants. We understand the soil’s and plant’s microbial community, and the importance of supplying the right organic nutrient sources to restore, enliven and support the life in our soils so that it will perform to its optimum.

We know that organic fertilizers are the only things that will restore the health of the soils and plants that are tired of using excessive chemicals.

We have been working with all kinds of land for decades, in countless situations where soils have been eroded, slipped, failed, neglected.

We have turned these lands with our knowledge and expertise into fertile, living, high-performance soils that revitalize them, bring them vitality and provide dynamic health to plants.

Our mission is to bring the latest scientific advances from the laboratory to the field.

Since 2010 accumulating experience in the development, research and commercialization of innovative nutrition and plant health products for agriculture.

Our mission is to bring the latest scientific advances from the laboratory to the field

Bringing the benefits of research closer to the farmer, thus contributing to the generation and transfer of scientific knowledge, for a higher quality agriculture that meets the requirements and demands of society and the environment.


the expectations of producers and farmers


the problems posed by agriculture today and tomorrow


and cause the minimum environmental impact


in Research and Development, creating highly innovative products

AgraGron Fertilizer
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